A Short, Short Film: "Neighbours"

For this school project we had four weeks to come with a story for, and subsequently make, a 30 second animated short. I worked with three other CG artists (Camilla Anderson, Michelle Erdmann and Morten Lassen) and three animators (Anne Hoberg Overgård, Marcelo Perin Neves da Silva and Pernille Kjær). The film is titled "Neighbours".

Hamlet in Color

The end result of a week of color theory with Lawrence Marvit. It's a scene from Hamlet.


One Project, Two Feet, Three Dimensions

Follow-up on the previous post. This is the final 3D sculpt of the Biped Project. Her name, by the way, is Grace Smith. I have also included an "au naturel" (no clothes) version. The only thing I'd still really like to do is pose her.

And let's not forget her huge gun.


Biped Project Preproduction

It's been a long time since I last updated the site (mainly because I've been too lazy) but I'm back. In this post you'll find the concept drawing for the school assignment Biped Project. The character has also been modelled in Maya and sculpted in Mudbox (which I will post later).

Oh, and I also made a maquette of the character.


Soup Ingredients?

Another still life. These were a lot more fun to make than I thought they would be. I just might do some more...


A Digital Still Life

My first serious attempt at Photoshop painting.


SuperBang: The Killer Shot

A great title for a movie, I know. In this case it is also the final product of six weeks of hard work. Showtime!

P.S. If you scroll down, you can see the 3D turntable of the character plus the 2D concept of the entire scene!

SuperBang Turntable

Wireframe turntable of a school project. Modeled in Autodesk Maya.



Boom! Pow! Bang! SuperBang, that is. He is a superhero drummer with the power to get girls. I will model the concept drawing below in 3D, so there is something to look forward to.


First Maya Character

So I've made my first 3D character at school! The neck was modelled by Bo Mathorne, our teacher.